Site Reliability Engineer

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Hi, I'm Vitor

I work as an SRE at Ebury Bank, formerly Bexs Foreign Exchange Bank

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development at Fatec Zona Leste

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer by the Linux Foundation

What I do

I work on the SRE team, developing CI/CD pipelines using the ArgoWorkflows and ArgoCD automation platform.

I also work on Infrastructure architecture designs focused on GCP, configuring the entire Infrastructure implementation through Infrastructure as Code using Terraform.

I have skills in using GKE and other GCP services, as well as skills in logging tools, monitoring, and observability of applications in production.

Services and tools that I have worked with or still work with:

- EKS and other AWS services;

- GKE and other GCP services;

- Istio Service Mesh;

- Other tools: Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Kustomize, etc.

- Monitoring Stack: Prometheus, Grafana and Alertmanager/OpsGenie;